love these girls and these uniforms 😍 can’t wait for football season 💃🚩❤ ️#UCMB #colorguard

#tbt Shaun I don’t even know how to begin because we’ve been friends for a long 7 yrs and it’s hard to cram almost a decade of amazing memories into an ig post but I’m so proud of you and all you’ve become 🙈 I can’t believe you’re going off to college and I’m so sorry I can’t be there to see you go, but know you’re one of my best friends even though you’re an idiot, and I love you so much bæ ❤️❤️ have fun and fuck shit up at new paltz but don’t forget about me u loser 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

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#tbt because even though the past few weeks have felt so horribly long I finally get to see him tomorrow!!! ☺️😍🎉 (at happy two months 😌)

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gonna miss this 🌄❤️❤️❤️ (at William Wallace Monument - Sterling, Scotland)

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highlander pride runs deep 💂❤️😍 (at The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo)

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"No such fucking word as knifes."

"Oh, no? Well then what does Tony do to Bernardo in West Side Story? I’ll tell you what, he knifes him."

Orange Is the New Black 
Jenji Kohan

Title: Unknownallie (acoustic)
Artist: Unknownpatrick stump
Album: Unknown
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things id like to point out

  • the “belonged to me” part
  • he sang the solo
  • the grunt
  • the end
  • the whole thing



The Gospel Tour |x|


This book reads like a series of Twitter posts by an arrogant alcoholic hanging around with his irresponsible alcoholic friends.”


is this twenty one pilots



in russian we don’t say ‘i love you’ we say благодаря Пит and that roughly translates to ‘you are my moon and stars’ and i really think thats beautiful